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Rockin' Jelly Bean
Rockin' Jelly Bean was enlightened after his first encounter with the "Playboy" magazine while he was still in high school. Since then, the Japanese artist likes to include sexy girls and rock n roll elements in his drawing. The colorful work of the polarising artist have made him popular in Japan as well as overseas.

Collaboration units include A Bathing Ape, Big John, Dr Pepper, Fujrock Festival, Hysteric Glamour, Medicom Toys, Mizuno, Yeah!,Evangelion Manga, Nagai Go Devilman manga,etc...

Rockin’ Jelly Bean中學時代首次接觸成人雜誌 “Play Boy”而得到啟發,開始將性感、美女、音樂等元素溶入美式的繪畫手法創作。作品大受日本及海外潮流品牌歡迎!
A Bathing Ape、Big John、Dr Pepper、Fujrock Festival、Hysteric Glamour、Medicom Toys、Mizuno、Yeah!、新世紀福音戰士及永井豪
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