Privacy Policy

We understand that the importance of privacy. The information provided by you is only for the operation of the Site. If you join as a member of, the Site will store the information.

1. Purpose of collecting personal information

Because of the operation of the Site, the Site must collect necessary information of our members.

2. Content of personal information

You must provide your information voluntarily when you join as a member. Information including but not limited to:

  1. Name
  2. Correspondence address
  3. Contact phone number
  4. E-mail

3. Use of the information

The information is used for:

  1. management of your account

  2. providing necessary information for operation, such as: providing your correspondence address to the courier for delivery of your order

  3. providing news or undertaking marketing research by e-mail that you provided

  4. searching for fake information

  5. Any other matter relating to the daily operation of the Site


4. Your credit card information

The Site only accepts your credit card payment via Pay Pal. All the payment procedure is handled by Pay Pal, so the Site cannot store your credit card information. To know more, you can visit

5. Security of the information

When the Site receives your information, the Site will maintain your information securely and confidentially. Only authorized and trained staff can access this information under working condition.

6. Hyperlinks of other websites

There may be hyperlinks of other websites in the Site and these hyperlinks of the websites are only for your convenience. As these websites are out of the Site’s control, you may understand their privacy policy while you visit these websites.

7. Other

This privacy policy is only for personal members but not the company members.