Return Policy

1. Return Principle

The Site only accepts the return of unused merchandise in the following situation:

  1. Delivery of incorrect merchandise

  2. Damaged merchandise before delivery

  3. Other acceptable situations decided by the Site


2. Return Period

You can ask for return of merchandise within 7 days (including Saturday, Sunday and Hong Kong public holiday days) by the following e-mail. After receiving your e-mail, the Site will reply whether we accept your return or not by e-mail.

Return e-mail :


3. Extra delivery charges of return

If the Site accepts your return, the Site will notify you to return the merchandise within a fixed period. The Site will bear the extra delivery charges caused by the return. In order to deliver the returned merchandise, you need to pay this extra delivery charge first, then the Site will pay back this charge to you via Pay Pal. The Site will notify you by e-mail, and the Site will start the refund procedure once we receive the confirmation from you by e-mail.


4. Delivery and refund

The Site will deliver the suitable merchandise to you. The Site will handle the case as out of stock if there is shortage of the merchandise, and the Site will refund to you through Pay Pal. Before refunding, the Site will notify you by e-mail. After receiving your confirmation and acceptance, the Site will arrange the procedure of refund.


5. Other

  1. The Site shall not be liable in any way that is caused by the return of merchandise.

  2. All the disputes will be subject to the final decision of the Site.